Negative streaks in gambling and Blackjack

Negative streaks in gambling and Blackjack

DATE: July 25, 2019

AUTHOR: Sherryn Cox

Since I first entered a casino, the atmosphere captivated me immediately. However, to deny, at first, if he wanted to earn some extra money with gambling. Gradually I was banishing the idea because the goal is betting and casino fun. If the money comes into your hands, so be it and if not, there is no reason to bother. In the end, as stated by a popular saying, “what comes easy goes easy.” So then I want to tell you how I understood everything I said to you on these lines.

In itself, the great secret that I want to tell you is not surprising, but it is real. Well, not walk more bluntly, what you mean is that casinos are winning streaks that can take you to heaven and losing streaks that can sink you if you know not control. That happened to me at the beginning, when he was not a fixed limit bets.

Note that when you got a losing streak you can not do anything against it. The logic is stop playing, however, the human unconscious dictates otherwise and still playing under the slogan that the next move will earn. That is false lords. There are chances that this happens. But if you come and evil, it is best to leave and try another day.

I say this from experience, because then internal recriminations will soon arrive if you keep playing and you spend all your money. Sometimes the situation can be frustrating because you can lose many hands of blackjack followed, taking out seven straight on the dice or ever to hit the numbers that you are you at roulette.

I have experienced what it feels like when in blackjack can not win more than one hand followed. Or win, or lose or you draw. But never you succeed in two continuous hands. And that really frustrated. Particularly for me, it takes me motivation.

However, the worst can come later when you lose one, two or three straight plays. Hence, if you are a novice player, you’ll want to bet more to try to recover the lost and worse it can be. I tried it and ended worse. In some cases, to do that I ran out of chips in less than five minutes.

What hurts these negative streaks is to see that only affect you, while the rest of the players nothing happens. In the end, the only thing I can advise in these cases is not to play, stop playing and give you a break or change the game. And up to you to do because honestly, out of a losing streak is really very uncomfortable.

Of course, when you manage to get out of it and rise from the ashes like the phoenix, you feel relief that one can hardly experience with other things. So you’re playing just for fun and not for the value of money, leaving the loser satisfaction is great. After all this, I can only say that you’re prepared for this streak ever catch you and you will not want to leave. Be smart and be free of it calmly.

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